One step forward and two back

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One step forward and two back

Post  Admin on Sat 04 Oct 2008, 3:30 pm

After two wins on the trot, albeit the first against a woeful Doncaster team and the second against very average Norwich team, hopes were high for our trip to the Ricoh Arena. I think many of us had naively expected we'd come away with at least a point. Sadly as it happened we reverted to form and put in a characteristically inept display and went down without so much as wimper.

Jan Portvliet is increasingly looking completely out of his depth and the failure to pick Rudi Skacel is mind boggling.

Tonights result and performance is the last thing Rupert Lowe and Mike Wilde would have wanted as it's taken potentially thousands off the gate we can expect for Watford.

The return of Lowe, the closing of the corners, the sale of our best players, the sacking of Nigel Pearson and most importantly the catastophic failure of Lowes "doing it with the youth" approach means that sub 15,000 crowds are set to become the norm at St Marys Stadium.

On the bright side the club cannot continue to function with such low levels of incoming revenue so Lowe, Wilde and their chums will soon be joining the proverbial 1p club. The current economic slowdown and problems on the financial markets only adds to the certainty that SLH PLC is a fast sinking ship.

Times are going to be painful and they'll get worse before they get better, but the end of Lowe and Wildes tenure is fast approaching and we can only hope that once they are gone there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


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